Installing Amplify (AWS) in the project folder:

sudo npm install -g @aws-amplify/cli

To check run


A big Amplify ASCII thing should appear.

NOTE: If there is any error executing that command. Check the NPM warnings. For example, you may need Node 10 because of an UNEXPECTED TOKEN FOUND.

Configuration of the app

amplify configure

That should initialize the configuration and will link the app with the cloud

Follow these steps to set up access to your AWS account:
Sign in to your AWS administrator account:
Press Enter to continue
Specify the AWS Region
? region:  ap-southeast-2
Specify the username of the new IAM user:
? user name:  amplify-eJgRn
Complete the user creation using the AWS console...

Unless we know how to configure it, just clicking next until the user screen appears. Copy and paste the Access key id and Secret access key

In the terminal, paste the keys. Those are necesary for the App user to connect with the cloud

Press Enter to continue
Enter the access key of the newly created user:
? accessKeyId:  AKIAWTCUVC**********
? secretAccessKey:  Zxu9sufeLKM9HjIpCprg********************
This would update/create the AWS Profile in your local machine
? Profile Name:  default
Successfully set up the new user.