I used the WordPress API to create this simple Unity app to show all the posts with the tag 3D Gallery.

How it works:

1.-gets all the registered tags on my site

2.- finds the one that matches with the “3Dgallery” name

3.- Bring all the posts with that tag

4.- Extract the media and post details and it presents everything like … a creepy gallery.

You can download the Android Package here

UPDATE – 21 / Sep /2021

Some of the problems I have found:

WebGL platform:

When I ran it in Unity Editor, UnityWebRequest flows, but in the web browser it freezes. The reason was the “while true” loop. The right way to make a request is using Yield.

//Do not
while(!www.isDone) {}

//instead... (example)
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.Networking;
using System.Collections;

// UnityWebRequest.Get example

// Access a website and use UnityWebRequest.Get to download a page.
// Also try to download a non-existing page. Display the error.

public class Example : MonoBehaviour
    void Start()
        // A correct website page.

        // A non-existing page.

    IEnumerator GetRequest(string uri)
        using (UnityWebRequest webRequest = UnityWebRequest.Get(uri))
            // Request and wait for the desired page.
            yield return webRequest.SendWebRequest();

            string[] pages = uri.Split('/');
            int page = pages.Length - 1;

            switch (webRequest.result)
                case UnityWebRequest.Result.ConnectionError:
                case UnityWebRequest.Result.DataProcessingError:
                    Debug.LogError(pages[page] + ": Error: " + webRequest.error);
                case UnityWebRequest.Result.ProtocolError:
                    Debug.LogError(pages[page] + ": HTTP Error: " + webRequest.error);
                case UnityWebRequest.Result.Success:
                    Debug.Log(pages[page] + ":\nReceived: " + webRequest.downloadHandler.text);