While building my portfolio (V3) I wanted to show my current skills and show them honestly.

The following should be self explanatory.
(NOTE: when I talk to ChatGPT I am very lazy, because I am aware of its reasoning level)

The html template I use (portfolio) has static marks for the skills, in percentages (skills section). I needed some numbers and I do not like to lie so I asked to be evaluated.

At the end I could not avoid thinking of the Blade Runners Baseline Test. I am asking Chat GPT to evaluate me, but I feel I am evaluating the machine with all these tasks.

(In my head I was hearing the baseline test:

“-A blood black nothingness began to spin. Began to spin. Let’s move on to system
– System “

(“- We’re going to go on. Cells
– Cells.”)

(“- What’s it like to hold the hand of someone you love? Interlinked.
– Interlinked”)

(“-Did you buy a present for the person you love?. Within cells interlinked
– Within cells interlinked.”)

(“-Did you pick asparagus stems? What comes from something else?
– Stem.”)

(“- Is that an old fashioned word? Dreadfully.
– Dreadfully)

I copied pasted my answers :

(“-How good are your eyes? Distinct.
– Distinct”)

And that is the story about the score for my Professional Skills. And the whole test took me 45 mins approx.