Ok ok, I finally got it.

I talked to many professionals, recruiters and jobless people.

This is the master-ultimate-awesome guide for building a resume. It took me a year, but I think I finally understand how to create the perfect resume.

– The title should be your name to be remembered

– Do not waste space. You only have 1 page to impress everyone.

– You can extend to 3 pages maximum.

– Use colored icons / bullets to show structure and visual impact. this will show order and style. Creativity is a valuable skill.

– Do not use colors. Your resume should be black and white. Be a professional, for god sake.

– Show everything you did in your previous jobs. It will show your ocean of experience.

– No one care about the jobs you did more than 5 years ago.

– Do not give just a huge list of tasks you did. Show reached goals

Show the years of experience you have in each language (I.T.), also languages you used in each job. but do not repeat.

– Express you are willing to be relocated

– Do not say you want to work anywhere. It seems you just want to work for anyone. Do you have any goal in your life? sad

– Learn how to sell yourself. Prove you are a valuable asset for the business

– Show your values. People want to work with people. Do not be a robot

– Lie about you career gap. Say you where working in personal projects or freelancing.

– Always refer to your career gap. You are human and you need to show you came back from hardship on your feet. There is always a company looking for empowered people.

– Do not include links in your resume. It looks bad when printed in black and white.

– Always include a link to anything that could explain more about you

– Put all the technologies you know in your resume (I.T.) and the years of experience.

– Rewrite things like AWS to Amazon to easier the understanding.

– Do not repeat the same info. It is a waste of space.

– Recruiters spent no more than 15 seconds in a resume

– Detailed the more you can about your skills, up to 3 pages

– Show your hobbies. You are a professional using your free time properly

This was so obvious. How difficult could this be. I have wasted my entire life making it wrongly. Please, tell the world… this is the way!. the ultimate illumination.