Download and install Anaconda from

Intalling Anaconda on UBUNTU:

In a terminal window write:

cd /tmp
curl -O

Verify the integrity of the file:


Say YES to the licenses:

Welcome to Anaconda3 2019.03
In order to continue the installation process, please review the license
Please, press ENTER to continue
Do you approve the license terms? [yes|no]

Setup the location:

Anaconda3 will now be installed into this location:
- Press ENTER to confirm the location
- Press CTRL-C to abort the installation
- Or specify a different location below
[/home/ntala/anaconda3] >>>

After a few mins… to enable the Conda command enter YES

installation finished.
Do you wish the installer to prepend the Anaconda3 install location
to PATH in your /home/ntala/.bashrc ? [yes|no]

Test the installation:

conda list
# packages in environment at /home/ntala/anaconda3:
# Name                    Version                   Build  Channel
_ipyw_jlab_nb_ext_conf    0.1.0                    py37_0  
_libgcc_mutex             0.1                        main  
alabaster                 0.7.12                   py37_0  

Ready to go…