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When Covid attacked, I was in Australia as an a tourist. I did not want to travel back home, getting this deadly virus in the airplane and to hug my mother. I had to stay in Australia. I found a way to do it applying for the 408 “Covid visa”.

However, this visa was a mess. A lot of disinformation, misleading from some agents and confused people in gray areas asking “what jobs are critical”.

Me and my partner found a job and applied to this visa. However, the limitations (of the visa) and paperwork (application) was so confusing and no information available. This visa was literally new. Agents telling people “you are going to get no further stay after this visa” was a common thing.

I created a FB group to share experiences and gathering people to cooperate with others about their successful applications. This group reached +7,000 members and a happy community full of mutual collaboration.

I feel good gathering people together and helping them.

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