UPDATE: moved to Run.ChinchillaReactor.com

The goal is to make a Run and Gun videogame, but keeping it simple. Just as a prototype and quick development.

The following picture is my art. I would like to put my art… in a simple Run and Gun game. 2D classic animation, not pixel art.


Estimated time: 2 months. I have one Unity run and gun asset, I would like to improve it.

Location: Remote work. Any English or Spanish speaker is welcomed.

Skill level: I am willing to pay juniors and learners if they show passion and self improvement. Unable to pay Seniors properly.

The example

Run, shoot, jump, ground

3 weapons changing by item icons falling (not weird weapons, or changing enemy status, only different bullets and power).

No rope, ladder or interaction besides killing and dying.

no energy, just lives. 1 bullet from the enemy, death.

shooting while running. shooting up and diagonal stands stills.

3 Bosses: 1 static fortress shooting in a sequence, 1 mobile tank robot, 1 weird ghost-electronic entity teleporting

Art: NTalam (for now)

3D : Only backgrounds. I would like to go 2.5D and 2D players and enemies. However, we could improve it later. Because of… $

Music: NTalam (for now)

Sounds: Ntalam (for now)

Coding: Recruiting someone…

Payment via Milestones

Estimated budget: 800 AUD. This is an entrepreneurship, but willing to negotiate.

Documentation updated regularly by me… Building website ASAP!

Interviews until now: 6 people

Interviews Until: Thursday 9 December, 12pm Brisbane time