When starting an Android deploy we could find an error if we use the wrong Node version:

Developer tools running on http://localhost:19002
Opening developer tools in the browser...
Starting Metro Bundler
› Opening exp:// on SM_G960F
Failed to construct transformer:  Error: error:0308010C:digital envelope routines::unsupported

In my case, there was a problem with the Node version. I have version 17.0 which is not Long Term Supported. The solution I have found in Stackoverflow was downgrading it to 16.

To change Node versions without uninstalling you can use Node Version Manager.

After installing it, run CMD (windows 10 in this case) and install the previous desired version…

nvm install 16.13.2
Downloading node.js version 16.13.2 (64-bit)...
#Using cmd as an administrator...
>nvm use 16.13.2
Now using node v16.13.2 (64-bit)
#to list all the installed Nodes...
>nvm ls
* 16.13.2 (Currently using 64-bit executable)

ExpoCLI should be able to run properly now