10 mins ago I finished the online test. I took it at home.

I cleaned the room, putting everything away, weird stuff removed from sight.

I was asked to remove my headphones. I mentioned it was my only mic, but the lady inspector allowed me to continue.

a cardboard I used as a mouse pad. I had to use my passport as a mouse pad. hahahaha. Next exam, use a proper one.

My preparation was:

1.- Chat GPT: I asked it for a simulation of the test and reviewing only the wrong answers

Some times it screwed up repeating the questions.

But it worked

2.- Videos:

When eared a service I never used, instantly checked the introductory video.

3.- In my opinion the best simulation was BARD:

4.- a lot of personal projects using EC2 and saving my own money

5.- commercial experience using microservices helped me a lot