Using AWS API Gateway to create my mobile App API. Also because of studying for my developer certification.

Step by step

1.- install AWS CLI

2.- configure AWS CLI

aws configure
AWS Access Key ID [****************]: SOMEID
AWS Secret Access Key [****************]: SOMEKEY
Default region name [None]: ap-SOMEWHERE-CODE
Default output format [None]: json

3.- Creating the API

 aws apigateway create-rest-api --name API_CHEESE_NAME  --description "CHEESE DESCRIPTION"aws apigateway create-rest-api 
--description "CHEESE DESCRIPTION" 
--endpointConfigurationTypes REGIONAL
----------json outcome after this

4.- Testing what is there so far:

curl -X GET
------it should return something like

4.- create an Stage for development

aws apigateway create-deployment \
--rest-api-id <your-api-id> \
--stage-name dev \
--description "Development stage"