I took the test a Thursday 8 in September 2022. This is the second time I took the test. The first one was almost 3 years ago in another city.

After 10 calendar days I got an email saying that I had 2 accounts and there was a problem with the results. I replied “just delete the previous account, that was almost 3 years ago, just give me my results”, “send me an email to my previous account and I will confirm”. Also I was asked to submit my passport.

But the email after that was… “fill up a form to merge both accounts”. My head was full of bad words and angry… however, I did it, I filled up the online form. I got zero email confirmation that I did it. Whatever !

During the next days… nothing happened, so I called Pearson PTE Academic via phone. My experience was not good at all. I am not a native speaker, I am aware I do have an accent and I have to repeat what I say sometimes… but the guys on the other side of the phone call when PTE Academic Customer Service… I had to ask “I am sorry, again please???”, “could you please say that again?????”, I cant remember how many times. I was almost feeling the breathing from one of them while he was using a microphone: “could you please stop breathing on the mic”. Anyway, a lady took my complain and processed… I think??… but no email confirmation. No, I will not say which country these people are.

After many days again, I filled up a form AGAIN to complain about how long this thing is taking. 3 business days later I got an email saying they are working on it.

24 days later… I am still waiting, I asked for a refund and escalating this matter to Australian authorities or whatever.

I suggest to any new candidate, trying any other mean and never dealing with Pearson in any way.

It took me 26 days approx, to get my results. About the results… not enough !